Shangri-la Event Center

Our staff ensures your special day is everything you have imagined.  This attention to detail can only come from a family-owned and operated venue where you can feel truly cared for.  


We understand that life is not always easy, and we want to give back to those in need.  100% of the profits go towards an individual who is struggling in life.  These chosen Individuals may be affected by anxiety, depression or other forms of mental illness, but are also motivated to receive help to become the best person they can be.  These individuals actively work and provide service to the community to help offset housing and treatment costs, but lack the ability to gain all the financial resources necessary to fully receive the care they need.


Through supporting our cause you will not just be making great memories for all those who come to support you, but you will be helping others from all across the nation get on a path where they can also make great memories happen.  For more information about our cause, how to help, or if you know someone that needs this level of care, please contact us here.