Shangri-la Event Center

Our cause is something unlike any  other. There is a growing epidemic across our nation. Those of us who know someone affected by anxiety, depression or other forms of mental illness know that these challenges can overcome an individuals abillities to function in daily tasks. 
Through supporting our cause 100% of the proceeds will go towards an individual who is struggling in life. These individuals often come from very successful families and may have experienced great success themselves. 

These individuals have great opportunities ahead of them if they can but make a change in their life.

These individuals are not looking for a handout and are willing to work and provide a service to the community but just have needed the right setting to be able to do this labor. 

Through supporting our cause youll not just be making fond memories for those who participate but you will be helping families across the nation finally start in a positive direction by seeing their loved ones succeed.

For more information about how to help or if you know someone that needs our level of care. Please contact us here