Shangri-la Event Center

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Shangri-La Event Center & Resort is an exclusive property where all proceeds directly fund assistance and scholarships for individuals and families in need of various mental health and other therapeutic services. To learn more about our cause go to

If your travel plans change and you must cancel your reservation, please call us at least 120 days prior to your arrival date to cancel your reservation.

Initial Deposit: We will collect 50% non-refundable cost at time of booking. And the reminder will be charged to the card on file 120 days out. If booking within 120 days of your stay the full amount will be charged. By making a deposit/payment you acknowledged you would like to fund a Shangrila’s scholarship for an individual and families in need. In appreciation for your support it is agreed that you will be permitted the use of the accommodation your reserved according to the terms and conditions below.

Cancellations prior to 365 days of the arrival may at Shangrila’s full own discretion entitle you to a refund of the deposit less a $25 processing fee or 5% which ever is greater. Failure to cancel prior to 120 days will necessitate a charge for the full booking.

CLEANING AND DAMAGE DEPOSIT  An initial $250 security and cleaning fee will be placed on the Credit Card. A refund if applicable will be performed within 14 business days to the card on file. Please contact us if you did not receive a refund for any reason. A refund of such fee is conditional based on the following:
-All guests and invited guess along with their property, vehicles and other items are removed from the property unless agreed in writing. 

-The are  outside your accommodation is clear of garbage 

-No apparent property or venue damage is caused by me or my party (please do not let guest park on the lawn as you will be assessed damage of up to $50 per broken sprinklers)

-Checklist for Event Center is completed. If there are any questions feel free to contact your host upon checkout (EVENT CENTER SPECIFIC )


WARRANTY: If there is any damage to the venue or accomodations or if there is an excessive mess, Shangri-La Event Center will charge a $500 additional cleaning fee to your card on file. Wedding insurance is recommended if there is a concern for larger groups

NOISE RESTRICTION The Shangrila Event Center and Resort is located in the city limits of Toquerville. Noise restrictions apply including 10 PM- 8 AM mandatory outdoor noise reduction. Additionally any speakers or other sound bearing device towards the West in order to reduce excessive noise. This noise will not at any time exceed 110 Decibel levels.

DOMESTIC ANIMALS There are lots of animals on the property some domestic. We ask that you are respectful of them and do not chase or harass them in any way. Please only feed these animals the designated food. Please be caution if attempting to pet or get close to these animals especially in their pens or elements. Horses, Ostriches, swans and Cattle are large and can be dangerous and even death. Please do not enter into the pen of these animals and stay out of their gated areas.

WILDLIFE & ORCHARDS At The Event Center is designated to provide a unique naturalistic feeling. Fishing is prohibited at the event center due to our rare animal life and habitat. Fruits from the orchard are also prohibited. A fine up to $500 may be accessed if me or my guests engage in catching domestic wildlife or harvesting fruit on the property.

WAIVER: I am responsible for the care and appropriate use of the venue, including the appropriate noise level of the music and guests. If the venue is shut down for noise level or any inappropriate conduct, I am responsible and understand there will be no accommodations for another date.

OUTDOOR VENUE DESIGNATION I understand this is an outdoor venue and that the building is only designated as a prep area and bathroom facilities. If bad weather occurs I am responsible for ensuring large Event’s tent or my guests have adequate weather preparation.

INJURY CLAUSE: I understand that Shangri-La Event Center is not responsible for any harm or injury that may happen to me and those who are accompanying me. I am responsible for any damage done to the venue that is caused by negligence and/or reckless behavior. In the event that there is any damage caused to the property during your reservation, the “card on file” below will be charged to indemnify such damage. The hourly rate is $50 per hour for repairs plus parts and supplies.

FIREARMS, DRUGS OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE No firearms, drugs or illegal substances can be used on the property. Any violations of those individuals will be requested to leave the property.

No Smoking on the property except at designated smoking areas.

ALCOHOL USE The Shangrila event center does not promote or encourage alcohol use. Any consumption of alcohol is your full responsibility and Shangrila accepts no responsibility for the use of alcohol and the use thereof should be legal according to local and state laws.

Parking: Park in the drive way, parking lot and other paved areas

Please DO NOT drive or park on grass at any time as it can damage sprinklers.

Please DO NOT put anything in the toilet other than toilet paper

Any use of special equipment of this property is to be used at the guests own risk.

Check-in and Check out Times:
Full Days 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
1/2 Day Mornings 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
1/2 Day Evening 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Event Center Night use is from 12pm – 9am when not booked with an event or 5:30 – 9am when booked without an event.
Early check-in may be available when no events are available and when flexible around weddings and tours during early check-in period. Event center staff will do their best to alert you if tours need to occur during early check-in.

All efforts will be made to have Event Center cleaned and ready by your check-in time, but at times we cannot guarantee the exact time of occupancy due to unforeseen circumstances. Please do not arrive before the check in time. If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

Rates/policies are subject to change and vary during high impact periods and special requests.

Check-out time must be met to allow cleaning to be completed for the next guest(s). Guests that occupy the property beyond 3:30 PM on Morning Bookings or 10:00 PM on Full and Evening Bookings without prior approval will be
charged a late check-out fee equivalent to $250.00 for each hour of occupancy beyond the checkout time.

DATE CHANGE DUE TO DISASTER, EPIDEMIC, TERRORISM OR WEATHER: In the case of a disaster, epidemic, terrorism, government restrictions, weather or uncontrollable act of God, Shangri-La will do all it can to reschedule/accommodate another event on another date if the date is not used however no refund will be issued for these problems.

MAN-HOURS Events unless specified receive a complimentary 10 man hours. (This means 5 people for 2 hours) Additional hours may be requested for a surcharge for additional basic setup,  basic decoration, additional cleaning of AS IS USE ITEMS for a charge of the card on file at $25 per hour per person.

USE OF AS IS ITEMS (TABLES, CHAIRS, LINENS, ARCHES, ETC) As an outdoor venue there are often needs of additional items such as chairs, tables, canoes, linens and more. All items come AS-IS and thus it is the responsibility of the renter  and not the venue to ensure the items are clean and ready for use. Any damage to such items or leaving them uncleaned will be charged as our CLEANING AND DAMAGE DEPOSIT to ensure the loss of use and ensure these items are available for other guests. If you are desiring a specific look or wanting a specific quality of these items it is recommended that you rent these items from a third party vendor unless such expectations are agreed to in writing. 

AS IS: 100 CHAIRS, 10 5FT ROUND TABLES , 6 8FT BUFFET TABLES, ARCHES, DECORATIONS- The tables and chairs are usually white and used for most of our events. These items may need additional wipe down or repair if a previous guest misused these items. We typically chose our best tables and chairs and try and keep up on maintenance however there is occasionally multiple events in a short period of time that may prevent us from ensuring they are ready for your event. The arches, some decorations and additional tables and chairs can be requested if available. The transportation time and setting up of such items will be part of our hourly MAN-HOURS and additional surcharge if/when incurred. AS-IS LINENS: (10 Round, 6 Buffet additional for surcharge) These linens come in white and come clean but not pressed. Will do all we can do to ensure they are ready for your special event and that there are no noticeable stains. BOATS, HORSES, ANIMALS(Pigmy goats, potbelly pigs, tortoise, and other animals): These items are also as is and cannot be guaranteed except the day of upon request with a surcharge. 

NON RESORT GUESTS are only allowed at the Event Center and are invited by you and are therefore your responsibility. These guests are only allowed at the Event Center and the surrounding grassy area around the pond. Guests found in any other areas of the resort may be subject to trespassing and or removed from the property.

FIRE RESTRICTIONS There will be no open fires, for fireworks, including sparklers.

VENDORS We do not currently restrict using your own vendors for catering and other party rentals. You are responsible for any damage your vendors may cause including but not limited to broken sprinkler pipes, water electrical damage etc.

Vacation Rentals Only

Rates/policies are subject to change and vary during high impact periods and special requests.

Check-in: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM.
All efforts will be made to have your vacation home cleaned and ready by your check-in time, but at times we cannot guarantee the exact time of occupancy due to unforeseen circumstances. Please do not arrive before the check in time. If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

Check-out: 9:00 AM.
Check-out time must be met to allow cleaning to be completed for the next guest(s). Guests that occupy the property beyond 9:00 AM without prior approval will be
charged a late check-out fee equivalent to $150.00 for each hour of occupancy beyond
the checkout time.

Absolutely No Smoking on the property except at designated smoking areas.

RESORT GUESTS Each accomodation has a maximum guest limit. Some accomodations may allow camping, RV parking and other use that can exceed this limit however they will need to be approved before they come on to the resort. The additional resort fee for these guests is $20 per person for day use or 30 per night. Guests not approved may be subject to trespassing and or removed from the property.

FIRE RESTRICTIONS Open fires only permitted in designated fire pits and are subject to state and county fire restrictions.

Irrigation/Culinary Water: Some water spicketts are irrigation water. Whenever possible we try and mark such spicketts with culinary or irrigation but ask guests to assume it is irrigation unless stated otherwise.

Its not recomended to send any mail to this Location. It is a secluded area and mail is hard to get reached to this location.

Please do not leave desired belongings behind. Guest will be responsible for shipping of any left items including a $20 handling fee

Lake/Ponds access:

There is seven lakes/ponds in the valley. If your coming from the South after you cross the bridge

The first one is the 1700 South Event Center. It is not available and is exclusive to those who rent the Event Center.

There is a Secret pond west of that for fishing and remote picnic use.

As you pass the event center and are driving past the orchard there is a pond on the right East side over the river. This is not to be used and not part of any current rentals at any time

There is a very small pond next to a house at 1581 Shangrila and this is only available for these guests along with the property.

The next pond some ways to the North on your left is called North Sea and is available for fishing catch and release, swimming, canoeing and for your enjoyment

The next pond is called Grandpa’s Pond. It is available to Airbnb guests for catch and release fishing. There Is access to Crawdad Creek here which Is a fun and relaxing place for guests but ask that you respect the privacy of guests who reserved the Cozy Cottage in this area.

The most far Pond is called Patti’s Pond
1/2 of Patti’s Pond is reserved for a private guest Reservations and not available for use. We ask that guest do not pass the gated area/line on land or water.

Water sports are allowed at the two ponds but we ask guests to bring their own water sports, kayaks, etc. Fishing poles can be used as we


Shangri-La Event Center

Cleaning Checklist

Some cleaning supplies, toiletries, trash bags, etc. may have been provided for your use complimentary.  As we do not currently charge a per person count You are responsible for all cleaning regardless of what supplies were provided at the time of check-in.




  • Wipe down counters and sink

  • Wipe down the fridge and any spills (Keep food in that needs to be cooled)

  • Wipe out stoves, microwaves and all other used appliances.

  • Sweep and mop floor

  • Take out trash and replace liners

Bathrooms: (2)

  • Wipe down counters and sinks

  • Sweep and mop floors

  • Take out trash and replace liners

  • Thermostat can be altered in 4 hour increments. Press cancel to resume pre-program schedule.


Chairs, Tables and other Furniture:

  • Make sure all furniture is where you found it

  • Wipe down the tables and chairs. If tables and chairs are not wiped down or in the working condition you found them you may incur additional CLEANING AND DAMAGE DEPOSIT charge


  • No parking on grass.  It may result in sprinkler damage which you will be charged for.

  • Take down ALL decorations tables etc. that were put up for your event unless coordinated with your host as there may be an event scheduled after yours or part of our included MAN-HOURS

  • Clean up all trash off of grass, deck and parking lot.

  • Make sure all trash bags are in the outside garbage can.

  • Any trash that does not fit in the garbage cans will need to be taken out by you

  • A-frame Signs need to be gathered & put back inside the outside wrought-iron gate (front of building)


Remember that we are not responsible for any items left after events.

Please check the building and grounds for clothing, dishes, decorations, lights, etc.  Do not take any items from the event center that you did not bring. When you have completed this check-off list, text Event Coordinator. This ensures a full refund when check-list is completed. (Unused food drinks ice will be graciously donated ).


_______ I authorize Shangri-La Event Center to hold an initial CLEANING AND DAMAGE DEPOSIT  If check out is completed satisfactorily the hold will be lifted and the full deposit of $250 will be refunded. Any damage exceeding the deposit will be charged  to *card on file.  


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     Venue Manager Date

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     Venue Renter Date


We hope you enjoy Toquerville, The Shangrila Valley and your stay!